From the recording Memphis By Midnight

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Life in a road band...


I was playing with the band in this roadside bar
Somewhere between heaven and New Orleans
She was the smoothest-walking woman
That I had ever seen
She said "I like the way you sing, boy, like the way you move,
Ain't nothing about you, baby, that I don't approve.
What I'd like to know is can you come home with me after the show?"

[CHORUS] Can my husband watch? (3x)
Baby what you want me to do?

I've been around this world a time or three
The things I haven't done, I've tried to see
But she rocked me, almost shocked me
Well almost.
She a full-blooded woman child fully grown
Got the hips, got the lips make a strong man moan
You can understand why I could not look away
Especially when I heard her say


Hey girl, you think I'm your personal Lone Ranger?
This stuff keeps getting a little stranger
Every day

My heart said no but my lips said yes
But before we go, girl, I'd like to address
One question to you about these things that we want to do

Can my girlfriend watch? (3x)
Baby, what you want me to do?