1. Midnight Shift

From the recording Memphis By Midnight

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Come on, shake your hips girl
On the edge of your seat
All the way down those legs until you move your feet
Come on, whisper in my ear child
I don't mind at all
If we're over the edge, I guess we'll have to fall

[CHORUS] It's {time} in the morning,
Got the lights down low
Just you and me and Aretha on the radio
Still at odds and staying even
If you get my drift
Hold me just a little closer 'cause there's work to do
Progress comes in inches for a heart that's true
Marking time and making love
On the midnight shift

You and me, we've got each other
Ain't got too much more
Than a dollar or two and this spot on the dance floor
So please don't talk about romance
Who's got time for the lies?
What I want is your love
All the rest we'll come by


In these hours when the world's asleep
You are all that matters, all the rest will keep
'Til the morning's light
So come on, girl, I want to feel a little of your sweet love tonight