1. The Real Thing

From the recording Memphis By Midnight

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There is a woman - but isn't there always?
Say she want to rock me, but not tonight
Well that's okay, you know where to find me
When you recover your appetite

[CHORUS} Check out the real thing
I've got the real thing

Whitebread singers covering old soul music
Trying to sing R-E-S-P-E-C-T without a single bit of soul
If you can't cut it, don't try to strut it
Lady 'Re, she's still the Queen of Soul

Check out the real thing

Every day you make your choice
What is hip and what to skip?
Stand up, stand up, let me hear you raise your voice
Say "Get me the real thing"

Start with the small things, the everyday things
Demand the real thing, you've got a right
'Cause it's a small world and a short life
When I arrive, best cut the jive 'cause time is tight