From the recording Memphis By Midnight

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I'm gonna slip my arm around your waist
I'm gonna move you across this dance floor
It'll be like making love
I can almost taste your lips when we're dancing sweet and slow
In a cold, hard world no one else can make me feel like this
When we dance, it feels just like a kiss

Reach down deep inside your heart
Don't it hurt to love this much?
But the ache is so sweet we can almost start a fire
Where we touch
I'm a hard, hard man but I can barely stand this bliss
When we dance, it feels just like a kiss

Nothing better for romance
Than some sweet soul music and a slow dance
A Texas moon, a little wine
I'm reaching for your bottom line

The band is playing Try A Little Tenderness
While we're out here on the dance floor
I feel you pressed against my chest
How could any one man ask for more?
Let me say it again, girl, in case I've been remiss
When we dance it feels just like a kiss