1. Love Alone

From the recording New Orleans To Austin

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I've been drinking tequila all night
Looking for something approaching light
I can't see my way around
This mess I'm in
Everything that I've ever known
Just headed south on the telephone
I ain't got a damn thing left
But what's under my skin

[CHORUS] If I'm lost somewhere in between
Austin, Texas and New Orleans
That don't mean I won't find my way
By and by
Life unfolds like a mystery
'Til the whole thing's just history
Hold me closer and whisper to me
Love alone makes us free

If tonight leaves me nothing at all
It's not the first time you've seen me fall
Failure doesn't scare me
I've sure proven that's true
But your arm's wrapped around my waist
Your love like an aftertaste
I guess things could've gone worse
Because I still have you


A man has to think about what he desires
The things of this world are for lawyers and liars