From the recording New Orleans To Austin

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She stood on the beach with the sun in her eyes
Looking across horizons long gone by
Dancing madly, the waves cross her feet
She smiles like a memory warm and bittersweet

[CHORUS] Monique has a memory that hasn't gone yet
The love she remembers won't let her forget
The days and night she spent
That's just Monique's Lament

She kept her heart in a place of her own
Beautiful and so alone
Until came the day she was caught by surprise
To see her heart reflected in his eyes


It's hard to learn to trust somebody else
When all of your time is spent trusting yourself
She let him go
He didn't know

She's back in control of her life once again
She's doing fine except for now and then
She pictures her hands touching his face
She knows the one thing she never will replace