From the recording New Orleans To Austin


I love the girl more than she loves herself
It's a shame and it's a fact
While it's hard to watch her do these things
It's harder not to act
So she keeps help at a distance
While she throws herself away
On petty thieves and faithless love
And pills to start her day

[CHORUS] Better than this
Better than this
How long until the girl can see
That she deserves to be
Better than this?

I've known her since she was a little girl child
I've loved her for as long
But she blows me up and she blows me off
When I say she's doing wrong
Then she lays her hopes and body down
For strangers or for worse
Like she don't deserve a damn thing
Except star-crossed and god-cursed


Don't betray yourself, I say to her
Just stay yourself, I say to her