1. Living Room

From the recording New Orleans To Austin

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I didn't notice the time when the sun came up
I'd been awake for hours anyway
I was on my second cup
If it wasn't for my job, I guess I'd get no sleep at all
My get up and go has turned to stumble and fall
It's hard

[CHORUS] Think I need a little living room
I need a little living room
Isn't Texas where I want to be?
I need a little living room

You can take this whole town and count on one hand
The number of people that I half understand
The mystery is why some folks act like they do
Running these games that a fool could see through
It's hard


Answers lie somewhere between Pecos and Beaumont
It's not so much what I need
But all these things that I want

Flowers bloom in Austin sometimes well into the fall
If you're on the Rio Grande then it doesn't snow at all
This life that I've been living's got me worn out at the seams
I'm dying of thirst but living on dreams
It's hard