From the recording New Orleans To Austin


If this were my last day to walk on this earth
Last words to the story I've written since birth
And I stood at the doorway to whatever lies next
Closing the book on this last page of text
What would I do?
With these final hours, what would I do?

[CHORUS] I'd tell the people I love "Thanks for your time"
Praise God above for the rhythm and rhyme
I'd be slow to walk in anger and quicker to forgive
Sometimes it's hard just to live and let live
But that's okay
This might be my last day on earth

Driving through Austin or flying to Rome
The road to Damascus always leads you home
And what's unimportant, it just falls away
So just for this moment, just for today what would I do?
With these final hours what would I do?


No one knows the number of days in our lives
That slip through our fingers in sevens and fives