1. Trouble

From the recording Resonator

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Jake and I were brothers and we worked the railroad line
That ran through McDade, Texas in 1869
Hard men lead hard lives
We got by

When we weren't gandy dancing, we used to chase our fun
I liked a shot of whiskey, Jake liked his old shotgun
Payday we made way into town

[CHORUS] Trouble finds your back when it's furthest from your mind
And trouble is the past you thought was left behind
Trouble takes what it will
And then leaves you the bill

The Old Rock Front Saloon was the place we headed first
With an appetite for trouble and an overpowering thirst
Front door, dirt floor
Look around

There were hard-luck castoffs set adrift after the Civil War
A few vaqueros and some evil-looking man I'd seen before
You could fire every shot you had in there
And never hit an honest man


I never heard the shot ring out that killed me where I stood
I was suddenly floating overhead and I wondered if I would
Ascend up to heaven or tumble down to hell
When Jake shot the man who killed me
And then kicked him as he fell

They hung Jake two days later underneath the Hanging Tree
And buried him beside the shallow grave they dug for me
No flowers, no tears, no surprise

And me, I never did move on to anything beyond
I never did see Jake again, don't know where he's gone
Hard men lead hard lives, but just the same
How I wish that someone would call my name