From the recording Resonator

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Hey bartender - give me your best tequila
Save the salt and lime
It's Friday night, I'm feeling right
And if that's not a crime
I might stay in this honky tonk
'Til maybe 2 or 3
But then again, that just depends
My heart's at home you see

[CHORUS] I'd rather be rockin' the house
Rather be rockin' the house
I still like to chase my fun, but when it's all been said and done
I want to be with my sweet one just rockin' the house

In Nuevo Laredo a cantina's calling me
We could go to Mexico come back eventually
But life south of the border isn't what it used to be
I'm thinking of the one I love who waits at home for me


I used to go out dressed to thrill
Had an attitude and a Coupe de Ville
Spent my cash like I spent my time
'Til I wake up late without a dime
My friends wonder what do I see
In all this domesticity?
But heart to heart and face to face
That girl and I just rock the place