1. Honey

From the recording Resonator

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Clay Lee was a banker up in Dallas
One cold-eyed Republican from Hell
Living on percentage points and malice
Expensive scotch and Honey in motels
Honey, she's a dancer down in Austin
Slingin' tit and trying to pay the rent
Clay Lee took a long ride on a short line
Until the day he woke up broke and bent

[CHORUS] Honey what I wouldn't do for you
Just ain't worth talking about
Have I ever?
No I never
Hone,y, oh Honey

Six months later Clay Lee made the headlines
Even spoke to Peter Jennings on TV
No one ever found that missing money
And when the bank went under Clay went free
Tricked out in a new suit and a bankroll
Sporting silver buttons on his vest
Clay drives his Mercedes down to Austin
Gonna take Miss Honey to Los Angeles


Clay Lee, he's got his own little secrets. Got three million dollars in bearer bonds hidden away in the trunk of that Mercedes Benz. He thinks he's mighty slick - and he may be right - but Miss Honey might have plans of her own.

Motel midnight finds Clay and Miss Honey
Where she steals the keys and then the car
Got his wallet, got his pants, got his bankroll
All she left him was his mouth ajar
Honey finds a truck stop outside Yuma
Calls her boyfriend Ruben in LA
Someone steals the car while she is talking
And drives it across the border all the way to Monterrey


That Mercedes Benz - it's parked in my garage
I'm thankin' ya Honey all the way from Monterrey
Honey, oh Honey