From the recording Playing In The Band

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Don't touch that dial – don't click that mouse
Don't hit next song – I'll rock the house
If you'll let me – if you'll let me
I've got this guitar – and I need to sing
I might play the blues – but why don't we swing
If you'll let me – if you'll let me

South Austin Swing – South Austin Swing
Say what you will and do what you must
But if pressure turns you to diamonds and dust
Find yourself a dance floor
And let that South Austin Swing roll once more

The Continental Club or the old Broken Spoke
I'm somewhere out back having a smoke
While the band breaks – while the band breaks
The Saxon Pub or some other stage
Every night I write the page
It's just nightlife – but it's my life


Ain't no A train here in this old Texas town
But that won't stop me from getting 'round
If I want to – and I want to
I'm punching the clock while I'm keeping time
Cooking up some rhythm, serving up some rhyme
If you'll let me – If you'll let me