1. Ed and Jolene

From the recording Playing In The Band

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Ed and Jolene had a show on local radio
Somewhere out in Oklahoma broadcasting on their own station
Spinning Lefty, Red and Hank - commercials for the local bank
Who'd have thought their traveling years would lead them to this destination?

[Chorus] All those old records and the love go 'round and 'round
I heard that highway sound on my radio
On Ed and Jolene's show

Ed was playing in the band when he asked for Jolene's hand
'Cause he'd never heard an angel sing the way she did
Twenty years of one night stands, suitcase and guitar in hand
The ins and outs, the ups and downs and even raised a kid


If you ask old married couples how they last for all those years
They'll tell you marriage takes a lot of work and takes some tears
They'll tell you that the secret on which happiness depends
Is before you become lovers - make sure that you're best friends

Kinda corny, kinda sweet and just as real as August heat
You know I'd kinda like to think they're still out there somewhere
Spinning Merle Haggard's blues, commercials and the local news
Hand in hand together 'til they both sign off the air