1. Mindy

From the recording Playing In The Band

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A suitcase and my old guitar, two dollars' gas in my car
The borders of my life up to now
Living like a rolling stone, not much there to call my own
Still, it never seemed to matter much somehow
I've been in and out of love alright
Usually just for overnight
So you must know how hard it is to say

[Chorus] Mindy won't you stay with me one more day or maybe three?
At least until the snow melts in the spring
But if you leave, I'll be okay - sometimes things just turn that way
You're still the sweetest song I'll ever sing

Mindy came along one day and somehow never went away
Now my bags just gather dust beneath the bed
Mindy's dreamed of her own world ever since she was just a little baby girl
And somehow she wound up with me instead
Dreams grow thin on poor man's pay 'til nothing's left to keep away
The cold, hard rain that's falling to the ground


I guess she's tired of living on promises both here and gone
It all amounts to small change anyway