1. Sing

From the recording Playing In The Band


I'm bored and I'm restless and don't know what to do
With all these voices in my head and all this anger too
I just get into trouble when I feel like this
And try to ease the pain by getting high or getting kissed

[Chorus] That's when you sing the blues, sing to save your soul
Sing some lonesome country, sing some rock and roll
Sing to save your life, that's what it's all about
If you just can't sing at all, then let me hear you shout

I heard Johnny Cash sing "Get rhythm when you're blue"
After all these miles and midnights, those words of his rang true
So what am I to do? Where am I to go
When the wolf is hungry and he's right outside the door?


Why don't you sing? Why don't you sing?