1. Rainy Day Man

From the recording South Austin Swing

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On the worst day of your life
Or the night you lose it all
When no one hears your voice
I'll be waiting for your call
When the fizz in your champagne
Has grown flatter than your tire
When all that gleam and glisten
Has just turned into "perspire"

I'll be your rainy day man
When you're hip-deep in the blues
Call on your rainy day man
When you lose

When you haven't got a single winning
Card left in your hand
When you haven't got a dollar left
To pay the band
When all your cares and troubles
Seem to be more than your share
When all your velvet's worn away
You know I'll still be there

And any one could be there for you
When the times are good
When the wine and honey flow
It's easily understood
But when the rain comes down
None of them can be found
Nobody's near at hand
Except your rainy day man